Seaplane Watch

Mar 14, 2016  

House Bill 16-1315 Introduced by Rep Melton and Senator Todd March 21st is Aviation Day at the State Capital. WE HAVE A BILL pending introduction on that day. This bill requires State controlled waterways to allow seaplanes if the waterway also allows powerboating. Contact your Legislator’s office and let them know that this bill is coming and that you are […]

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Welcome to our blog

Feb 26, 2016  

Newsletters evolve because of technology.  Remember those text newsletters Howard used to send out?  Simple, but informative. In our next newsletter phase, Microsoft Publisher was used to create some professional-looking PDF newsletters, with pictures and cartoons and articles.  But these resulted in large downloads that were awkward to view on new technology (iPhones and Android devices). I’m looking to begin […]

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