IMC Club starts at FNL

Apr 21, 2016  

I’ve gone through the training to become the EAA Chapter 515 IMC Club Program Coordinator.  Our inaugural meeting will be Wednesday night, May 18, at 7pm in the jetCenter Hangar. IMC Clubs were started by Radek Wyrzykowski in 2010 as a support group for instrument pilots and students, and the IMC Club non-profit corporation was acquired by EAA effective November […]

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Seaplane Bill Dies in Committee

Apr 14, 2016  

From Ray Hawkins: I am sorry to report that the Bill was defeated in Committee today by a vote of 5 – 8.  The Bill was designed to gain access to the waterways and then, after passage, develop the processes and procedures to meet CPW requirements.  It is my belief that at the moment discussion turned to invasive species the Bill was no […]

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Board Member Change

Apr 10, 2016  

Kimberly Osborn, who has been serving on our Board of Directors since mid-2014, has announced that she needs to step down ahead of her end of term January 2017. Kimberly joined the Board at the same time FNL Pilots Association began experimenting with hosting a Facebook page.  She has advocated for reaching the next generation of pilots, and through her […]

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WINGS, Part 1: Improving Your Flying Skills

Apr 9, 2016  

If you’re like me, you haven’t flown much over the past few months.  Time to shake off the rust and regain that flight proficiency. The FAA WINGS program (documented in Advisory Circular (AC) 61-91J) can be used to get credit towards a WINGS stage while focusing on specific skills.  Wow, I can become a better pilot and get credit for […]

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February Pilot Refresher Review

Mar 14, 2016  

Darrell Taylor gave a presentation of icing, including how different size planes handle it. He discussed and showed pictures from frost on the wings, carb ice, small plane icing issues, and the effect of large plane icing issues. He gave us a website to help visualize conditions along a flight plan.

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