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April 30: Water Board Open House

Apr 14, 2019  

As you know, there is a shortage of hangars at our airport.  One significant policy is inhibiting new construction. Each hangar building is required by the building code to have a bathroom.  Each bathroom requires a water tap.  The water tap is prohibitively expensive because the Water Board requires purchase of an acre-foot of water per year for each new […]

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Jay Turnbull receives Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award

Oct 1, 2018  

At the beginning of the pilot refresher meeting on September 27, Brian Richardson and Eric Thomas of the FAA presented The Flying School chief pilot James (Jay) Turnbull with the prestigious Wright Brothers Master Pilot award.  This is presented to pilots with fifty years or more of civil and military flying experience.  Here is Jay’s biography as related by Brian. […]

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September Town Hall Meeting synopsis

Sep 30, 2018  

FNL Pilots Association hosted a Town Hall on September 27, 2018. We got to hear from Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Northwest Mountain Regional Manager Warren Hendrickson, Colorado Division of Aeronautics Director David Ulane, and Northern Colorado Regional Airport Director Jason Licon. Warren Hendrickson, AOPA Warren is responsible for airport support and state advocacy for AOPA in seven states: […]

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Our New Name

Oct 14, 2017  

After 18 months of our airport’s name change sitting ignored on the desks of various FAA employees, we were surprised by a set of FDC NOTAMs released on Friday, October 13 for each of our instrument approaches, like this one: !FDC 7/2843 FNL IAP FORT COLLINS-LOVELAND MUNI, Fort Collins/Loveland, CO. VOR/DME-A, AMDT 7 … CHART NOTE: DME REQUIRED. CHANGE AIRPORT NAME […]

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BasicMed Considerations

Sep 24, 2017  

QUESTION: Is the new BasicMed Aviation Medical Certificate right for you? It’s new since May 1st, 2017 and a bit radical for the FAA that I am used to, but there have been about 15,000 BasicMed Certificates issued to date. I’m an early adopter for many things and an “older” (don’t tell anyone) reasonably high time active pilot. So even […]

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