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WINGS Part 3: Skip Your Flight Review

Jun 13, 2016  

In April, I wrote about flying for WINGS credit.  Last month I wrote about earning WINGS knowledge credit.  This month, I’ll tie it all together for WINGS credit in lieu of an FAA Flight Review. The FAA WINGS program is documented in Advisory Circular (AC) 61-91J. Paragraph 5(b) states: Incentive Awards. Airmen who participate in the program and satisfactorily complete […]

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WINGS, Part 2: Online Learning

May 8, 2016  

Last month I talked about flying for WINGS credit. This month I’ll talk about learning on your computer or smart device for WINGS credit. The FAA Safety team offers many courses for credit. When the new program started in 2007, the few courses they offered were pretty clunky. But since then they’ve partnered with AOPA and other providers, and the […]

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WINGS, Part 1: Improving Your Flying Skills

Apr 9, 2016  

If you’re like me, you haven’t flown much over the past few months.  Time to shake off the rust and regain that flight proficiency. The FAA WINGS program (documented in Advisory Circular (AC) 61-91J) can be used to get credit towards a WINGS stage while focusing on specific skills.  Wow, I can become a better pilot and get credit for […]

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Welcome to our blog

Feb 26, 2016  

Newsletters evolve because of technology.  Remember those text newsletters Howard used to send out?  Simple, but informative. In our next newsletter phase, Microsoft Publisher was used to create some professional-looking PDF newsletters, with pictures and cartoons and articles.  But these resulted in large downloads that were awkward to view on new technology (iPhones and Android devices). I’m looking to begin […]

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