Frequencies at KFNL

  Howard AbrahamNov 16, 2020  

Since becoming a Towered Airport, the issue of Frequency to use at KFNL has arisen.  Now that the frequencies are shown correctly on the official Charts and Plates (and is noted on the local AWOS and ATIS announcements), that should become less of an issue.  The change to Tower operations (8 AM – 6 PM Local Time daily) and use of Tower frequency for CTAF and LIGHT CONTROL when Tower is closed, has been shown in a NOTAM since the Tower was activated.   

Tower: 118.4
Ground: 121.65
AWOS: 135.075
Clearance: 120.25 (When Tower is Closed)

FBO Services: 
130.575  (ASRI: Used mainly for Deice Instructions and ramp service by line personnel)
970-667-2574  (Best for Front Desk operations/Fuel requests from the hangar area)

NOT USED 122.7 (Old CTAF at KFNL)

Tower Frequency 118.4 is used for all traffic communications.  It becomes CTAF and LIGHTS CONTROL after hours.  (122.7 is unmonitored now).

If you have a spare radio receiver and want to monitor 122.7, and if you hear someone using it for unanswered KFNL position reports, simply key your mike on that frequency and direct them to 118.4.

This brings up the importance of ALWAYS checking pertinent NOTAMS before every flight.  Several visitors to KNFL (even some recent Corporate Pilot visitors) have tried to use 122.7 for position reports (unanswered).  This could become a serious safety issue.  (122.7 remains active for other distant Colorado airports of course).