Larry Mack’s Retirement

  Jeneal McKinleyMar 19, 2020  

Larry Mack officially retired March 6th with a farewell get together at the Jet Center.

Gathered among the guests were Dave Ulane who presented him with a framed ariel view of the two airports he has worked at for most of his adult life. Burlington, which he opened up and ran for 25 years and Ft. Collins/Loveland where he has worked since 2006. Dave praised Larry for both his work ethic and the support he has given Dave and CDOT, mentioning that Larry proceeded the formation of the aviation division of CDOT.

Larry Hallock also spoke at the get together mentioning the fact that Larry Mack originally worked for Larry when he first came to FNL.

Both Larry’s went together to purchase a boat as they both love fly fishing.

Larry Mack is looking forward to spending a lot of time pursuing his new found love of fly fishing, with or without Larry Hallock.

Jason Licon bade a fond firewall to him stating that in all reality he would be calling on Larry to help around the airport especially during snow storms.

In reality due to staffing shortages Larry returned to work the following Monday.

Those that attended enjoyed a nice buffet.