Notes from the Annual Meeting

  Jeneal McKinleyJan 23, 2020  

Annual Meeting 2020

On January 11th, 2020 the FNLPA held their annual meeting.

President James Hays read the vision statement as follows:

The FNL Pilots Association supports general aviation at the Northern Colorado Regional Airport by advocating on behalf of its local pilots in the use and development of FNL.

Membership at this same point in 2019 was 85 individuals and 4 businesses, At the end of 2019 it was 174 individuals and 10 businesses.

At this point in 2020 we had 95 individuals and 4 businesses.

Finances 2019- vs 2018 Calendar Year

Beginning balance $3,364.48 $4,562.05

Dues income $2,140.00 $1,570.00

Other Income $50.00 $610.00

Colorado legal filing -$20.00 -$10.00

PayPal fees -$94.85 -$87.13

HDMI cable+Wireless Mic -$230.90

Web server fee (annual) -$209.40 -$209.40

Food (Christmas Party) -$400.00 -$646.32

Food (Meetings/BBQ) -$1,219.29 -$1,800.95

Projector -$623.77

Total expenses -$2,173.63 -$3,377.57

Ending balance $3,380.58 $3,364.48

Our mission statement is:

We continue to attend public hearings and offer our support and expertise to promote the continued use of the airport.

This includes airport commision meetings, Colorado Aeronautical Board meetings

Planning and Development subcommittee.

As well as to provide a forum for pilots to express their concerns and ideas. This includes such things as Land use-Master PlanningRemote Tower

Flight Training airspace use

More flexible web server

Newsletter updates

We act as a channel through which others can communicate with the pilot community.

Communication from State Division of Aeronautics about our Remote Tower

Metroplex airspace redesign

Monthly refreshers

Classified ads

We promote aviation related education for pilots and the general public.

Pilot refresher courses-4th Thursday of every month

IMC club-3rd Wednesday every month

Educational articles in our newsletter/blog

Member safety pilot and CFI database

Elections were held and they are as follows:

President-James Hays

V.P.- Henry Schauer

*Treasurer-Howard Abraham

Secretary-Jeneal (JR) Mckinley

Board member Jason Kopp was re-elected for the term of 2020-2023

*We are still looking for a treasurer so if you know of anyone interested please contact any of the officers.

(Malachi O’Neill continues to serve as board member from 2018-2021)

(Deb Montgomery continues to serve as board member from 2019-2022)