Christmas Eve at my house

  Jeneal McKinleyDec 9, 2019  

As I sit at the computer today

What was I going to do any way

Christmas was coming

there was no delay

Santa would be here

soon with his sleigh

The tree was decorated all sparkly and bright

soon it would be the big man’s night

Would there be snow

would there be rain

what if the wind blew

Oh! such a pain

Would his team find our home

would his sleigh be too heavy

I haven’t weight tested the roof

Please help! I’m not ready!

packages sit under the tree with pride

I don’t even remember what’s inside

I’ve shopped and I’ve wrapped until my brain is fried

The kids are excited-wide awake and energized

they put cookies and milk and carrots outside

Night is settling in, my spirit begins to rise

tomorrow they will look at things with big huge eyes

Santa will have come and left tons of gifts

right now the room is filled with holiday sniffs

A sense of calm begins low in my bones

Christmas music plays gentle tones

the fire leaps and dances radiating a glow

outside there’s a hint of upcoming snow

I’m done, I’m ready. I can hardly wait

but for now I have cookies, milk and carrots to taste