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Flying in Severe Weather

May 20, 2019  

Severe weather is described as either an inch or greater hail and 50 knots or greater wind gusts. One old texts say ¾ inch but in recent years it was changed to 1 inch. What does it take to build a thunder storm? 1. Unstable atmosphere. 2. Moist atmosphere (clouds) 3. Lifting mechanism (continental divide, fronts, thermals) The life cycle […]

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“Stop Buzzer”

May 8, 2019  

I was participating in a discussion with other pilots about GPS jamming, and someone commented that there’s a way to get the military to stop the jamming if it is affecting your flight.  Just say Stop Buzzer on the radio. I experienced a jamming event in 2017 on my way back from California.  From Wells, NV (KLWL) all the way […]

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