April 30: Water Board Open House

  Steve WolfApr 14, 2019  

As you know, there is a shortage of hangars at our airport.  One significant policy is inhibiting new construction.

Each hangar building is required by the building code to have a bathroom.  Each bathroom requires a water tap.  The water tap is prohibitively expensive because the Water Board requires purchase of an acre-foot of water per year for each new tap.  An acre-foot of water per year is enough water for two families of four living in houses, but these bathrooms we’re required to build will require perhaps less than a dozen toilet flusher per month, significantly less than an acre-foot per year.

The Water Board is holding an open house on Tuesday, April 30 from 6-8pm at their office, 5150 Snead Drive in Fort Collins.  I think this would be a good opportunity for a significant number of pilots to meet with the water board and to discuss some talking points:

  • Fort Collins/Loveland Water District policies are crippling small hangar development at the Northern Colorado Regional Airport
  • Each hangar is treated as a residence, rather than, say, a mall store
  • Hangar water taps are barely used to flush toilets less than a dozen times a month
  • We’d like to see the airport water tap policy change to require significantly less water purchase per tap, bringing down development costs and stimulating hangar construction

Let’s show up and push for change that will positively impact hangar development at FNL.