Santa’s last Christmas

  Jeneal McKinleyDec 14, 2018  

A soft rap at the door went unanswered. The rap came again, this time more insistent.

Still no answer.

Rapping even harder, the third time got an answer.

“Go away!” the voice said.

Murray opened the door a crack and peeked his head inside.

“No!” repeated the big booming voice.

Murray entered the room and watched as the big bodied gentleman got up from his desk and walked to the fireplace holding out his hands as if to warm them.

“Maybe we can hire someone to go with you and help with this.” Murray offered.Image result for santa and his sleigh

“There isn’t enough room.” the not so jolly fellow said softly, reservedly. He walked to the big over stuffed chair and sunk into it’s depths. “No, Murray, this is the last one. I’ve already contacted Amazon for next year and they agreed to take over for me.”

“But Santa, you’re immortal! What will you do? ” Murray paused for a second before he continued. “What will the elves do, become dentists?”

Sadly Santa shook his head slowly. “Maybe Mrs. Claus and I will go south for the winter. She’s been very understanding of the cold Christmas’s all these years.”

“Maybe we can start a letter campaign and explain that the FAA’s requirement for ADS-B is going to ruin Christmas for everyone!!”

“OK Murray. You have one year to see if you can get the government to change it’s mind! If not, this is my last Christmas!.”

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Dear readers,

Please help us save Christmas.

Please send all letters to:
FAA c/o the Grinch
Box 2020
Whoville, USA


Murray Christmas!!