We’re getting a compass rose upgrade

  Steve WolfMay 21, 2018  

On June 9, the Colorado Ninety-Nines are planning to paint over our rudimentary six-line compass rose at the south end of the ramp with one of their beautiful signature two-tone works of art.  The FNL Pilots Association contacted the Colorado Division of Aeronautics and arranged for them to donate the fifty gallons of paint needed for this project.

Most of the 99s volunteers will be coming from elsewhere in Colorado.  Sarah Denton, their Assistant Airmarking Coordinator, says, “We could have possibly 15-30 people, more or less and usually don’t know for sure until that day.”  Because of our airport’s badging requirements, we’ll need four or five of our own FNL-based volunteers with AOA badges who are willing to bring a lawn chair, act as an AOA escort for these wonderful volunteers, and simply hang out and watch paint dry.

If you can commit to doing this, please send me an email at — thanks!