Jeneal McKinleyMar 14, 2018  

Bill Standerfer gave a talk on how to use ForeFlight. He gave a few tips on what to look for in a new iPad and how to get the most out of the application.

  • First, the biggest mistake is not buying a big enough iPad. Get at least 64GB of memory.
  • Second, never leave the iPad in the sun.  It will overheat and stop working when you need it most.
  • Always use current software.
  • Download the database before flying.  When connected to the Internet, it might appear that you have current charts even though you haven’t updated.
  • WiFi-only iPads without external GPS need an external GPS source (BadElf, Stratus, Stratux, etc.).
  • Disable the cell connection of cell-capable iPads in flight.  It might cause interference and will certainly drain the battery faster.  Airplane mode turns off all transmitters, and then you can enable only the one you need for ADS-B In (Bluetooth for Garmin products, WiFi for others).
  • Use the correctly rated cigarette adapter (2.4 amps for the newest iPads).
  • Cigarette adapters and portable batteries can be electrically noisy and interfere with your COM and other instruments.  If you find you’re having radio issues, disconnect the adapter and/or battery to see if the problem goes away.

Bill took multiple questions from the audience.