Are you Santa?

  Jeneal McKinleyDec 16, 2017  

As little kids our idea of Santa is a jolly gentleman in a red suit that delivers gifts on Christmas eve. If you still see Santa flying across the evening sky with his 8 reindeer, I can safely say you may be partaking in Colorado’s special blend!!

But as we get older our idea of Santa changes. It changes from late nights putting bicycles together to playing that X box, just to make sure it works.

We realize that Santa is an every day thing that we don’t even realize that we do.

It’s a simple smile to someone who may be having a terrible day and that simple smile warmed their heart.

It might just be listening to a story you have heard hundreds of times because you know it will make the story teller happy.

As someone who has been on both ends of the spectrum you will never know how important a simple smile or the fact that you spend time listening to repeated stories can bring joy to someones life.

I was recently reminded of that in a Home Depot. I had driven out of my way to pick up an item only to find out the person wasn’t there, but would be right back. Well after waiting 30 minutes I gave up. I walked into Home Depot needing a couple of things and one was to have a piece of wood cut. The gentleman said he could if I used the right word. I apologized, said please and told him how grateful I was that he could cut this piece of wood for me.

That simple little encounter put a smile on my face for the rest of the day. His simple reminder that we need to be kind to one another no matter how frustrated we are changed my outlook for the rest of the day.

He was my Santa that day. Who will you be a Santa to?