September Commissioner’s Meeting – Summary

  James HaysSep 24, 2017  

The NOCO Regional Airport Commissioners meeting on 9/20/17 covered progress in three areas as follows:

– The emphasis of the discussions was on land development on and around the airport, to the exclusion of promoting the airport and its operations!  Comment by Jerry Stooksbury that we should have a booth at the NBAA convention (too late this year!).  That’s an obvious way we can support aviation interests at KFNL.  There are other ways that we should pursue.

Searidge of Canada has been selected to implement the remote tower at KFNL, work beginning in November this year.   They bring some impressive video and other sensor capabilities to this project and are committed to adding new technologies as they become available.  A comment was made that consideration should be given to the design of the new Terminal Building when remote tower camera masts are placed so both can co-exist without interfering with each other at a later date.

Sealcoat will begin next week (Sept) sequentially around the hangars, closing hangar access for about a day each row.  Work will start on the northeast corner of the hangar area and work toward the southwest throughout the week.

Then the seal coat work will extend to the runways, taxiways, and main ramp (out front) areas on Oct 1st.  These areas will be CLOSED for four days by NOTAM and physical barriers as this work is being done.  Both runways will be closed at the same time (15/33 and 6/24).

Be advised, and if you really need to use your plane, move it to another location early.  Consider using the tie-downs out front.  Planes there will be sequentially towed by Jet Center employees to other airport locations as necessary to avoid coating operations in the tie-down area.

Howard Abraham