Kenneth J. Curry

  Jeneal McKinleySep 24, 2017  

Mr. Kenneth J Curry is a Viet Nam veteran who flew 157 missions in Southeast Asia in the B-52 aircraft. His presentation will relate the harrowing details of one mission over North Viet Nam during which his B-52 was heavily damaged by surface to air missile, yet he and his crew were able to make it back to South Viet Nam and land as fuel gushed from the aircraft.

Ken was most recently the President and owner of KC Aviation Consultants LLC, in Loveland. Previously, he held top executive management positions with multiple business aviation companies. His diverse experience in the aviation industry spans over 35 years.

He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Sales Management from Woodbury College in Los Angeles. Following college, he served in the United State Air Force as a B-52 Pilot and Aircraft Commander. He flew 157 missions in Southeast Asia and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross after his aircraft was hit by a surface to air missile over North Viet Nam.

After leaving the Air Force he earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Pepperdine University. second generation native of Los Angeles, Ken grew up in Westchester, near the L.A. Airport. He started surfing at age 13, skiing at age 18,became a USAF pilot at age 23, started running at age 32, weight lifting at 36, competed in triathlons starting at age 40 for six years. and won his age group in a 10k race at age 63. He still loves to travel, is still surfing, skiing and is stoked to be living an adventure.