Airport update from Jason Licon

  Jeneal McKinleyJul 31, 2017  

Regarding the FAA and the name change, they are hoping for either June 22nd or Aug 17th to coincide with the 56-day airspace cycle they have for publications. In the mean time, logos on shirts, equipment, and some of the logos have begun to be changed up and down Earhart. As you come into the airport you will see a new name and new layouts on the signage. Signs along I-25 south bound are already changed. As soon as the interchange is complete on Crossroads, the north bound will be erected. Over the next 30 – 60 days the rest should be up. The signs are kind of a bronze color and show where parking and General Aviation are and such.

Once the transition is complete, they’ll start recommending the use of the new name with CTAF. We know it won’t catch on for at least 10 years just like Jeffco – that was 11 years ago. We need to prep ourselves for when we do have a remote tower because that will be something that will be needed when talking to controllers.

The big project they are working on this year is pavement preservation. They will be doing a lot of crack seal, seal coating and pavement marking replacement and will try to cover every square inch with this project. FNL was approved for a 1 million dollar grant this year to be applied to this.

They were also able to obtain a state grant from the Division of Aeronautics for a 5% match, so they got a $55,000 grant from the state on putting seal coat into the airport, enhancing useful pavements, reducing risk of FOD, marking contrasts. It really helps when it snows.

Some signs will be replaced as a part of this project.

There is a time line for this project, though. Right now they are in the final design phase of getting everything put together and will be advertising for bids soon and hoping to shoot for June 1st.  FAA policy is first you get bids then they give you the grant. Hopefully, that will happen around July 31st to target a start in late August or early September.

The project will effect runway 15-33 ramp area, hangars, and taxi lanes – It will effect everyone.  They are trying to phase it in a way that will impact everyone the least.

The 15 feet around hangars are not eligible for this funding.  Jason will be reaching out to the hangar owners in an effort to help offset the cost of the hangar owner’s responsibility similar to previous years.  Currently they estimate about $1.30 per square yard.

First phase will be the Charley/Alpha 3 intersection and the Alpha taxiway down to runway 624. There will be a test section on that area for the pavement seal coating for the 1st step so that they can allow 624 to be used when they are doing the primary runway. This should be a 2 day time frame where this will be closed and sealed and then the next step will be the phase 1 which will be the main runway taxiway. This should take about 5 days. That will include 2 seal coat applications and pavement markings.  They anticipate the entire project will take 2 weekks.

Phase 2 would be ½ the ramp. North ramp and north ½ of all the T hangars. That will be followed with another 3 day project and do the other side.  The plan is to keep things open, hopefully people can move airplanes around in order to accommodate everyone.

There is also a 3rd phase for Northrup extension section taxiway Delta.  As we find out more we will share the final dates as to when this will occur and hopefully everyone can plan ahead as it relates to getting ready for that.  The Airport will be issuing NOTAMS and emailing badge holders of what the anticipated dates are. It will also be on their website, Facebook, Twitter and here at the jet center.

They will also be extending the Stearman taxi way with some possible rehabilitation of the existing taxiway of the hangars along Stearman to accommodate some of the new hangars that will be built by the FNL hangar group.  There are two hangars right now that are actually on the ground and are looking at the possibility of a few more, so this extension will help a lot.