Did you know……

  Jeneal McKinleyFeb 8, 2017  

Did you know:

  • That at any given time here are about 61,000 people airborne over mainland USA.
  • That air travel is the second safest public form of transportation, second only to elevators/escalators.
  • That airlines often cruise at 35,000 feet. It sounds high but compare it to the size of a globe and an airplane at that height would only be flying 1/10 of an inch above the surface.
  • That one windshield of a Boeing 747-400’s cockpit costs as much as a BMW.
  • That a plane takes off every 37 seconds at Chicago’s O’Hare International but the world’s busiest airport is Hartsfield – Jackson Atlanta International with 96 million passengers a year.
  • That American Airlines saved $1.2 million on fuel by switching from paper manuals to Ipads.
  • That Ryanair carries more international passengers that any other airline.
  • That the wingspan of a 747 is longer than the distance of the Wright brothers’ first flight.
  • That cabin pressure numbs 1/3 of a person’s taste buds.
  • That Lufthansa is the world’s largest purchaser of caviar, buying over 10 tons a year.
  • That Singapore Airlines spends $16 million on wine every year.
  • That in 1947 American Airlines saved $40,000 by removing one olive from each first class salad.
  • That aircraft towers need constant visibility at all times so glass in towers is angled precisely at 15° to prevent glare and reflections.
  • That the strobe lights on the wing tips of an airbus make a double flash and on a Boeing they make a single flash.
  • That Michel Lotito spent two years in the 1990’s eating a Cessna 150, including the upholstered leather seats and the tires.
  • That in the 1930s flight attendants had to be under 30 years old, weigh less than 118 pounds and be a registered nurse.

And last but not least…

  • August 25th, 2010 someone smuggled a crocodile onto a plane in a duffel bag. When it escaped, the passengers stampeded toward the cockpit which affected the weight and balance of the plane causing the pilots to lose control.

    There were two survivors and one of them was the crocodile.
    Investigators originally thought the plane crashed because it ran out of fuel. That was until the survivor explained what really happened.
    The crocodile survived the crash, but not the machetes of the local villagers.