BasicMed Program presented by Dr. Fahrenholtz’s

  Jeneal McKinleyFeb 19, 2017  

According to the FAA, the United States has the world’s most robust general aviation community and the BasicMed rule will keep pilots safe, simplify regulations and keep general aviation flying affordable.

Until now, the FAA has required an online application and a physical exam by a FAA designated Aviation Medical Examiner but as of May 1, 2017, the FAA issued the BasicMed rule which will come as a very welcome relief to affected pilots. This has been highly touted by EAA and AOPA as it now moves the decision to your family physician.

The FAA will provide a form with recommendations that he/she will need to complete and sign. It is important to remember that BasicMed is both a huge milestone after more than 25 years and numerous attempts to reform medical certification and a stepping stone toward further evolution.

Dr. Fahrenholtz maintains a family practice in Greeley and will still provide Class 1, Class 2 AME exams for airline and commercial pilots, and initial Class 3 exams for pilots that still want them.

He is also willing and able to pursue Special issuance licenses if required by a pilots’ situation as well as the new BasicMed exam acting as their “personal physician”.

His expectation is that most pilots won’t save much money with this new program depending on physician charges for the private exam every four years. Under certain circumstances, insurance may cover it.

Every two years, on-line test results must be logged and readable copies kept with your aviation logbook. The pilot applicant must sign the checklist form stating no knowledge of a debilitating condition that would lead to unsafe piloting. However, specific criteria for passing have not been published yet. At this point, it is up to the state licensed physician who is performing the exam to state that he/she has examined the patient per the form and detected no obvious condition that, in his/her opinion, would prohibit the patient from being a safe pilot.

There are three areas mentioned that if significant would be initially disqualifying and/or require special issuance consideration. Those circumstances are cardiovascular, mental health, and neurological.

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