Annual Meeting

  Jeneal McKinleyFeb 8, 2017  

Steve Wolf presided over the annual FNL Pilots meeting, announcing the agenda as:

  • Membership
  • Finances
  • Review of the last year
  • Elect new officers and board
  • Preview for the upcoming year
  • Airport update from Jason Licon
  • Time for Q and A
  • Close meeting
  • Lunch

James Hays gave us an update of last years memberships comparing 2016 and 2017 to date.  Membership is strongly up for 2017.

Howard Abraham gave a financial report.  The Association’s bank balance is slightly higher from 2016 to 2017.

Steve stated that Association members attended Airport Commission and Colorado Aviation Board meetings to advocate support of the airport.  He is also the AOPA Airport Support Network volunteer for FNL, and keeps AOPA up to speed on airport issues.

A discussion of hanger fees was had with the decision that Steve would be more proactive on letting members know about issues on the monthly Airport Commission agendas that may interest them.

Steve stated that the website has been rebuilt in a more user friendly Word Press form. Members will probably not notice any difference but from an administrator’s end it is much easier. It has also been moved from a member’s private server to a commercial web server.

Steve announced that all officers and board members are willing to serve again. He asked for nominations from the floor, of which there were none. He called for a show of hands for voting and the current officers and board were unanimously re-elected.

James listed the upcoming events for our pilot refresher courses (fourth Thursday every month at 7pm).  These are announced to members using the MailChimp email service.

James asked if anyone from the floor had ideas for meetings and the suggestions were as follows:

  • More information on the National Airspace undergoes the largest change since WWII
  • Additional info on ADS-B
  • Could we hear from other pilot associations from around Colorado, such as Colorado Pilots Association, Angel Flight, and Civil Air Patrol.
  • Desire to arrange Summer hanger day BBQ/fly in

Upcoming issues followed by the Association officers and board include:

  • Cross wind runway
  • Remote tower (officially renamed from “blended airspace” and “virtual tower”)
  • Metroplex airspace changes
  • Roll-out of airport name change to Northern Colorado Regional Airport
  • Continued upgrade of the Association website

Jason Licon gave an update on the airport stating that:

  • They have only 6 employees to take care of 1,00 acres in regard to mowing, snow removal and crack seal.
  • On the air side, things are fantastic.
  • They have $600,000 for crack seal of the airport so he encouraged the hangar owners to coordinate with the airport if they wanted the 15 feet in front of their hanger sealed. The airport attempts to crack seal every 5 years.
  • He continues to work to make the airport more financially independent.
  • The Remote Tower project is moving forward, albeit at a slow pace.
  • He talked about the importance to the airport and state of Runway 6/24
  • FNL receives Federal funds so is required to comply with the new FAA hangar policy, requiring that an airworthy aircraft or progressing aircraft project to be in each hangar. This will be enforced by airport staff beginning in July.
  • Badges are audited every year from August to October, and must be replaced every other year. New badges will be issued this year, so if you want to update your photo let Jason know.
  • Also as a reminder, please as you go through a gate remember to wait until it closes.  Don’t let other vehicles tailgate you to get in without a badge.
  • There will be an equipment upgrade to the AWOS system early this year. The FAA is replacing and upgrading some of the electronics so there may be some outages as that happens.

Steve then opened the meeting up to questions and answers of which there were none.

Meeting was dismissed.  Everybody enjoyed the lunch catered by Nordy’s.