Look Out… Above

  Jason KoppAug 20, 2016  

Just three short years ago the FAA-Denver TRACON (Metroplex) developed new airspace procedures to enhance safety and efficiency with the help and input of all user groups (Airline/Charter/Business-Private General Aviation) to not only benefit Denver International Airport (DEN) but all the surrounding airports and communities as well. Unfortunately, the Metroplex has now developed new arrival procedures for the benefit of DEN that will drastically affect users in the area.

What does this mean for Northern Colorado Regional Airport (FNL)? The new BRNKO arrival is being proposed to fly over or near Greeley (GXY) and FNL at 10,000′ and 9,000′ MSL respectively, then track over the Longmont (LMO) and Boulder communities on the way to Centennial Airport (KAPA). Centennial is one of the busiest general aviation airports in the country which means FNL and surrounding communities will see much more high speed traffic crossing overhead at only 4,000′ AGL. IFR operations could be impacted with the lower altitudes of this arrival. The VFR corridor between BJC and FNL is already saturated and now will be compressed even more from above.

Jason Licon, FNL’s Airport Manager, is fully aware of the challenges that this could create for all users of our airport. Jason is currently working together with the airport managers at APA, BJC, LMO, and GXY and involved with the FAA to ensure current and future growth of FNL will not be impacted with these changes. Representatives from Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), Colorado Aviation Business Association (CABA), and National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), along with state representatives, are also actively engaged with the proposed changes and how it will affect our communities and airports.