Seaplane Bill Dies in Committee

  Steve WolfApr 14, 2016  

From Ray Hawkins:

I am sorry to report that the Bill was defeated in Committee today by a vote of 5 – 8.  The Bill was designed to gain access to the waterways and then, after passage, develop the processes and procedures to meet CPW requirements.  It is my belief that at the moment discussion turned to invasive species the Bill was no longer passable.  It is maddening that all they could talk about was invasives and the only villain they could see was seaplanes.

The battle may be lost; but, the war rages on.  Over the next few weeks I intend to contact each member that voted against the Bill to find out what it would take to get a “Yes”.  Using that information, I will begin work again on another Bill for the next session.

(reference Seaplane Watch)