Oshkosh AirVenture Presentation

  Jeneal McKinleyApr 24, 2016  

On March 24, 2016 Steve Wolf gave a presentation on Oshkosh Airventure and Mass Formation arrivals. He expressed the excitement, fun, pride, and comradery of participating in a formation arrival of similar performance aircraft.

These mass arrivals increase the efficiency and safety of traffic at Wittman Reginal Airport and are scheduled for late morning through mid-afternoon, weather permitting. The arrival of these large arrivals often interferes with regular FISK VFR traffic.

Participation is limited to aircraft registered in each group. Currently there are four groups, Bonanzas which began in 1990, Mooneys which began in 1998, Cessnas which began in 20016, and Cherokees which began in 2010. All presently are still active in the mass arrivals at Oshkosh.

Large formations require an EAA approved training program and a letter of agreement with the FAA.

Julie Wolf then spoke about the Oshkosh event from a non-pilot view point. She described the event as a Pilot’s Disney World. She talked about the many vendors, workshops, air shows, concerts, and group activities.
She expressed her amazement at the amount of people who attend and the cleanliness of the venue. Although she loves attending the event, there comes a point, as a non-pilot, that the hanger talk causes her eyes to glaze over. So she takes advantage of the many transportation opportunities to both the events and into town for various stops.

They both enjoy meeting up with friends both new and old.