IMC Club starts at FNL

  Steve WolfApr 21, 2016  

EAA_IMCClub_4cLogo_rgb-300I’ve gone through the training to become the EAA Chapter 515 IMC Club Program Coordinator.  Our inaugural meeting will be Wednesday night, May 18, at 7pm in the jetCenter Hangar.

IMC Clubs were started by Radek Wyrzykowski in 2010 as a support group for instrument pilots and students, and the IMC Club non-profit corporation was acquired by EAA effective November 2, 2015.  Now anybody who is an EAA member can also be an IMC Club member.

IMC Club has a library of instrument flight scenarios.  At the beginning of each meeting, the participants watch the video, and then spend the rest of the meeting discussing what they’d do in that situation.  The scenarios are flexible; I can change the parameters, such as “Now suppose it is at night.” or “Now suppose you are picking up ice.”  Meetings are kept to an hour.

IMC Club gets its scenarios from its members.  Members are encouraged to send in stories of their instrument adventures.  Radek and his staff anonymize the most teachable scenarios, changing location and equipment, and generate a new scenario each month.

For our first meeting, we’ll be watching an introductory video from Radek, and will then work through an abbreviated scenario for about 30 minutes.

For more information on IMC Clubs, visit  If you fly instruments, or are interested in flying instruments, we hope to see you on May 18, and then on the third Wednesday of each month.  Let’s become better pilots.