Board Member Change

  Steve WolfApr 10, 2016  

Kimberly Osborn, who has been serving on our Board of Directors since mid-2014, has announced that she needs to step down ahead of her end of term January 2017.

Kimberly joined the Board at the same time FNL Pilots Association began experimenting with hosting a Facebook page.  She has advocated for reaching the next generation of pilots, and through her efforts we now have about three times as many followers on Facebook as we have members in the Association.

Kimberly arranged for this month’s refresher course speakers, aviation attorneys Joseph and Caitlin Lorusso.  She was planning to introduce them at the beginning of the presentation April 28, but unfortunately has a conflict and can’t attend.  Kimberly’s last day on the Board is April 30.

Please join me in thanking Kimberly for her two years of service to the members of the FNL Pilots Association!

Article VI Section 2 of our bylaws directs the Officers and Board to appoint a replacement for the vacant position who will serve until the next January Annual Meeting.  We are happy to announce that Jason Kopp, Blue Ocean’s Chief Pilot, has accepted our appointment for the rest of 2016.