Seaplane Watch

  Jeneal McKinleyMar 14, 2016  

House Bill 16-1315
Introduced by Rep Melton and Senator Todd

March 21st is Aviation Day at the State Capital. WE HAVE A BILL pending introduction on that day. This bill requires State controlled waterways to allow seaplanes if the waterway also allows powerboating. Contact your Legislator’s office and let them know that this bill is coming and that you are expecting them to support it. Get as many family, friends, and acquaintances as you can to call their Legislator and demand their support. If you or others you know will be in the Capital on March 21st, stop by and show your support. This is the closest we have come in decades to achieving equality in recreational access to Colorado’s waterways.

Here is a list of the Colorado General Assembly members and their contact information.