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  Steve WolfFeb 26, 2016  

Newsletters evolve because of technology.  Remember those text newsletters Howard used to send out?  Simple, but informative.

In our next newsletter phase, Microsoft Publisher was used to create some professional-looking PDF newsletters, with pictures and cartoons and articles.  But these resulted in large downloads that were awkward to view on new technology (iPhones and Android devices).

I’m looking to begin Newsletter Phase 3.  I envision a newsletter that contains items with a little bit of context so you know what the subject is about, followed by a link to our web page for the rest of the story.

We have always had classified ads and hangar availability posted at the web page, and we strive to keep the events calendar up-to-date.  Repeating this data in a newsletter is redundant.  It’s better if the newsletter gives you the ability to click and get to the information on the website.

What we were missing on our website was a method of posting articles and columns.  That’s the purpose of this blog.  Our intrepid Newsletter Editor Jeneal McKinley can post member interviews, member-submitted articles, and other items of interest to our Association, and can link to them in a brief monthly newsletter for members who don’t keep up with the website.  I can post the monthly President’s Column on the blog as well.

We’re also going to link to blog entries on our Facebook page.  Different methods of access for different audiences.

I’ve disabled comments to the blog so we don’t have to deal with blog spammers.  Officer and Board email addresses are available on the website, and if you look way down at the bottom of each page you’ll find my cell number.  Feel free to communicate with any of us.